Thoughts. About Stuff. On purpose.

I light a candle. I use the match to release the juggernaut. It has nowhere else to go. Is that okay with you?

Speckles on my wrist. No one will notice. Except for me.

I always notice.

I leave the water running, because that’s the kind of ass hole I…

I woke up early, as I usually do. There was a welcome blanket of white snow over the ground and on trees and roofs outside. I saw it as I quietly shut the door to the room wherein J was snoring (he wouldn’t call it that; this is a regular…

Drawing at the Table

The phrase, like a scent, holds many memories. Like parts of a collage they come tumbling together, overlapping and crisscrossing into one large, beautiful piece of art. Drawing at the Table means grey-blue light from winter mornings pouring through the large, kitchen window. It means perforated…

We’d been talking for hours. I’d let the night turn from reasonable hour to unreasonable hour, because the conversation was enthralling, when I suddenly felt the strangest urgency to leave. Immediately. I apologized to my college friend and let her know I needed to get going right away. Within minutes, I was out the door and driving home, passing under stripes of light cast by the street lamps. If I hadn’t left exactly then, I wouldn’t have seen it.

Less than a block from home, a car pulled right then jerked left in front of me. It stopped at the red light ahead, and a female passenger opened the door and started to get out when she was pulled forcefully back in and the door slammed shut next to…

Framing: Life’s Magic Wand (for better or worse)

Mental framing, religious shame, guilt, dogma, brainwashing, mind control
Framing: Life’s Magic Wand

Many unimaginable cases came across my desk when I was an SVU prosecutor. One, in particular, is etched in my mind. A young girl of about six was forced to live in a war zone. That’s right: forced to live in a…

Brie Sweetly

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