Ah, yes, the “conspiracy” of women being treated sub-par for millenia. Such a wacko theory.

“ [This post] implies a lot of inaccuracies.” Actually, this is a POV piece about experiences and perceptions, and those experiences and perceptions actually happened. Which is sort of the definition of accurate.

“ You’ve reached your conclusion (presumably leaving the church) and then written a narrative that fits and justifies it.” <<< This, on the other hand, is an extrapolation and conclusion you’ve made about somebody else’s intentions (it actually goes above that to assign conniving and shallow self-analysis to this somebody), without ever having met this person or really knowing anything about them. Which is sort of the definition of inaccurate.

“ Almost every LDS woman I know is so empowered and strengthened by the church and the gospel.” Judging by the way you’ve responded to this post, I’d bet there are more than a few LDS women who aren’t willing to tell the likes of you about any experiences, feelings, or struggles they are having.

Stephen (notably *not* Stephanie) Covey once said something you ought to ponder on: “First seek to understand, then seek to be understood.”

Thoughts. About Stuff. On purpose.

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