Birdsong (a Mindfulness Moment)

Why does the birdsong calm me?

It exists but does not expect anything of me. It has no judgment for my listening. It gives freely and does not request payment, praise, or even perception.

And I do not expect anything of it. I am not distracted by it, yet it presents itself in the background of my concentration. It slips in and out of focus as easily as I shift back and forth on a child’s swing. No pressure. Only wind in my face.

Why does the birdsong calm me?

Its song is not melodic, its timbre not quite musical, and yet it plays the tune of each of life’s quiet moments. It sings the notes of every scene of peace.

And I do not judge its pitch, its vibrato. I do not place blame on its squabbles or its puffery.

Why does the birdsong calm me?

It watches life with indolence and respects no death or illness. It cares not enough to be quiet during tragedy or to celebrate during victory. And yet I do not care. I am not offended by its ignorance, its indifference.

I am not reminded of sorrow or victory in its presence. Rather, I am merely reminded of my being in its presence.

There is nothing to lose from the birdsong. There is nothing to gain from the birdsong. It is simply there. And it is simply beautiful.

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