We’d been talking for hours. I’d let the night turn from reasonable hour to unreasonable hour, because the conversation was enthralling, when I suddenly felt the strangest urgency to leave. Immediately. I apologized to my college friend and let her know I needed to get going right away. Within minutes, I was out the door and driving home, passing under stripes of light cast by the street lamps. If I hadn’t left exactly then, I wouldn’t have seen it.

Fast forward many years and I now use this story when working with witnesses to illustrate the most important lesson of giving testimony in court.

“I think…because…” or “I don’t think so…because”

“It seems like,” “Sometimes,” and “often” as opposed to “always” and “is/are”

“I feel/believe…because I read/watched/listened to…and these facts struck me as reasonable/logical: [list facts]”

In short:

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Thoughts. About Stuff. On purpose.

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