Thanks so much for sharing this. I can relate, because I felt this way all growing up. I was the only super orthodox member of all my siblings, and I sometimes felt silently judged as though they believed I was stupid or duped. I’m sure they didn’t mean for me to, but it’s a little inescapable when you know they believe it to be farce. That said, I think we can all work to come to a place where we (1) actually, literally judge less and realize that reasonable people can believe different things, and (2) can start treating people’s opinions — the kind that really do effect their judgement of others — as just one piece of the relationship, just accept it on both sides, accept that we are in fact judged, but be willing to listen and build relationships anyway. I mean, we do this with all sorts of personality traits as it is. How many of us have friends/family members whose every trait is exactly in line with our opinions? It doesn’t happen. I know my friends sometimes think I’m naive or too open or a little odd or (add whatever trait they may disagree with), and they don’t always come out and say it, so I still feel the silent judgment, but it’s okay, and we build the relationship anyway.

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